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First Bank Account?

marco1987 marco
marco1987 marco

marco1987 marco

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I've just moved to Paris for work and I'd like to open a Bank account with Hello Bank. I've got the work contract, the apartment rent contract, and I tried to run the online procedure for opening tha bank account.
When It asks for "des justificatifs", it seems necessary to possess already a bank account in France.
I have it in Italy right now, but not in France. Indeed, this would be the first Bank Account I'd open in France.
Is it possible to continue the procedure?

thank you

Marco Mancini


Hello marco1987 marco,

Thank you for your question.
Indeed, in order to open a bank account at Hello bank!, you must already possess a French bank account and provide its information.

I hope that will be the case soon for you and that we will be able to welcome you at that time.

Have a nice evening !

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